Welcome to IDEP eLearning Platform

Since its creation, IDEP works to assist African governments in their training efforts and capacity building in the areas of economic management and planning. With this regards, it works closely with African member states to assess their needs and develop general courses, specialized and tailored to their frames of senior and middle levels. IDEP also works with various departments involved in the socio-economic development of Africa. In addition to training and capacity building which constitute its core mandate, the institute also conducts research on policies on various issues related to economic management and development planning. It provides, moreover, advisory services on policies at the request of Member States. These services are tailored to the specific needs of applicants governments. Finally, the Institute also organizes on a regular basis, a series of policy dialogues, seminars and public policy conferences.

The work of IDEP is guided by the vision of an independent Africa, independent and integrated. Institute sees itself as a center of excellence in the service of its member states for the development of high-level human resources to the gradual transformation of the continent on the socio-economic level. IDEP also aims to provide a forum for articulating an innovative political thought appropriate to the situation and needs of all African countries. the Institute seeks, through its programs and research, dialogue and training as well as through advisory services it offers to contribute to the development and strengthening of a network of African professionals who will be distinguished by their technical skills and confidence in themselves that they will demonstrate their commitments while noting for their pan-African spirit. The Institute is committed to ensuring that all managers who have benefited from its activities and programs actually feel that their capacities have been sufficiently strengthened to enable them to move forward and succeed professionally and contribute to the transformation of their countries.